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the ultimate guide to beginner photography

Are you tired of pulling out your camera and guessing at your settings? Do you wonder how you can achieve those swoon worthy photos like the pros? Then this is exactly what you need.

Hi! I'm Cheryl!

The Ultimate Guide to Beginner Photography

What if you could create photos you actually love and ditch the blurry photos for good?

With this guide, you'll learn what gear you need to get started and which settings you will need to achieve the perfect photos. No more guessing games! You will FINALLY be able to capture memories of your children or family that you will treasure forever. Use techniques all professional photographers use to create their timeless photos and improve your own techniques along the way. Cue the excitement!

Yes! I'm ready to get started!

Does this sound familiar?

  • Uploading your images and then realizing only a few were in focus?
  • Getting nervous pulling out your camera in front of other people?
  • You know you want great images but don’t know where to start?
  • You feel like you’ve tried every single setting but still don’t know what you’re doing wrong?
  • You spend all your free time trying looking up tutorials but still your images don't turn out like you want them?

This guide is a lifesaver for anyone struggling with getting started in the world of photography. Learn the right settings in manual mode to achieve those dreamy photos you want and the skills to produce the exact same results every time in your camera. This is exactly what I teach in the Ultimate Guide to Beginner Photography.

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A SIMPLE comprehensive guide to learning manual mode and helping you take better photos ASAP!

This guide will take you from beginner to expert, providing you with everything you need to get started, from learning what gear to use, how to put your camera in manual mode, what your settings should be for great results, and how to improve your photography with techniques the pros use! Everything from lighting, the rule of thirds, composition, and so much more!


"Cheryl put SO MUCH information here- she explains everything you need when starting out! Don't walk- run to get this ebook!" - Amy

You can do this too!

I started photography 11 years ago. Back then, there were limited resources available to learn with. Facebook was a thing, but there was no tiktok and no ebooks for fast results. I started my journey with an old fujifilm camera on Auto Mode. My images were blurry, blown out, or too dark. I had no idea that putting my camera in manual mode would change the entire game for me. Now, years later, I own my own photography business and have confidence in my skills. I figured out exactly how to get the photos I desired in my camera.

I make learning how to use your camera simple and do-able for everyone in this guide. There are four parts of learning and applying your skills to get better. There's even a 30 day challenge for practice and tons of bonus tips!

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Five part Ebook covering

  • Your Gear
  • Manual Mode and Settings
  • The heart of Photography
  • How to Take Better Photos
  • Bonus 30 Day Challenge and Bonus Tips



Meet Cheryl Bryant

When I first started photography, I had no clue what I was doing. The only thing that mattered was getting better. I thought the camera would do all the work for me, boy was I wrong!

Then, I had my son and I knew I had to do better. Next thing I knew, within a year of confidently knowing my camera, I opened my photography business. Now, I no longer guess at my settings or fumble with nervousness when I break out my camera. It has led to so many other possibilities and writing this ebook was one. I wrote all the things in this ebook that I wish I knew when I was just starting out. I get to do what I love now and also teach others photographers the easy way to get started.

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This Ebook will change your whole photography life. Only read if you are ready to change your photography game.

Let's get you out of auto mode and into manual mode, shall we?

For only $27

beginner photography, the ultimate guide to beginner photography ebook

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