What are the 5 top dslr cameras for beginner photography in 2023?

First, let me say in photography, everyone is different and likes different styles or gear. If you're just starting out, I recommend purchasing a budget friendly camera because you may change your mind on the brand you like AND many photographers don't have the knowledge to know what settings and features are going to come in most handy. So, if you would like to go big, do it. There's much to say about personal preference, but let me get to the good stuff.

My first choice for a beginner camera is the NIKON D5300 CROP SENSOR CAMERA. This was my first real camera and I still have it as my back up to my Nikon Z series camera. The quality is amazing AND the screen flips out nicely on the back so I can shoot at weird angles without looking like an awkward amateur! Ha! It's somewhat budget friendly if you buy one used, which I 100 percent recommend! When buying used, look on a website like keh.com or adorama.com or b&hphoto.com, all reputable camera sites. I found one for 350 US dollars. You can see if the dslr camera is in excellent condition or bargain condition, get one in great condition or higher so you get more use out of it.

Second choice is the CANON REBEL SERIES T7 dslr camera. This is the most budget friendly of all and even though I'm a Nikon girl, I love how user friendly the Canon cameras display screens and button are. The screen also comes out which I love for those above angles and ones where you have to lay on the ground to get the perfect shot.

My 3rd choice, is the SONY A6000. Sony has really come full circle with their new mirrorless cameras and the Sony a6000 really packs a punch. The quality is superb and this dslr camera is sleek and small. It's very nice looking in the hands honestly. It's still considered a crop sensor camera but right now, Sony is known for its A7 series cameras which are more expensive and higher quality so if you would like to go with Sony later on when you save up some money, consider starting with the a6000.

The 4th camera I recommend for beginners is the full frame NIKON D750. Its the most popular full frame camera by Nikon and If you have some extra dollars, I found this camera for $1000 US dollars used. I almost bought this camera myself but decided to go mirrorless because it was faster and I actually ended up spending $1200 on my Nikon Zii with one caveat- my memory cards are a whopping $130 each. Yep. Mirrorless cameras are more expensive in other things besides the camera itself, the lenses are also a little more and if you don't buy the mirrorless lenses, you must by the adapter for the regular lenses. Sorry, im getting off track here. Back to the Nikon d750. Go take a look at it. Full frame cameras have larger image sensors which equal higher quality if you're wondering. They are also not as expensive as the new mirrorless ones. Great choice for a beginner photographer!

So, for my 5th and final choice, if you are looking at canon, the CANON MARK II is an amazing quality camera a lot of professionals still use today. It is like the Nikon d750 in price point and is a full frame camera. Starting out with a full frame camera you will see slightly better quality than a crop sensor at a higher price point, but the real difference is it does better in low light situations. If you are wanting to shoot more indoors, I would recommend a full frame over a crop sensor dslr camera any day. However, I shot with my d5300 when I started doing indoor lifestyle newborn sessions, and it did well, just slightly more noise than I wanted in camera and I fixed it as much as I could in editing.

There you have it! 5 DSLR Cameras that you will be glad you got in 2023! If you are learning beginner photography and are ready to dive into more, I have created a free step by step guide on the "for photographers" page for photography gear and camera settings. There is also a guide called "The Ultimate Guide to Beginner Photography" that will teach you everything you can possibly imagine in beginner photography like what photography gear you need, cameras, lenses, how to shoot in manual mode in your camera, how to take better photos, photography techniques, lighting, composition, photography tips, and so much more! Go check it out!