In this FREE guide, I'm sharing what you need to know about taking beautiful photos and how you can start with your own camera ASAP! Imagine taking the PERFECT photo of your kid you will cherish for a lifetime! Or starting your own photography business so you can capture memories for others!

With a step by step guide, you can transform your photos into beautiful art you'll absolutely love!

What's inside?

Here is what you will walk away with:


First hand knowledge of Top Beginner Cameras that are budget friendly and affordable for your photography niche.


See photography gear recommendations like popular camera lenses and accessories that my students are using to learn photography.


My unique photography cheat sheet to immediately jump start your learning of camera settings so you can start taking beautiful photos TODAY.

Imagine taking amazing photos in your camera of whatever you want whenever you want.

You deserve to have beautiful photos of your loved ones.

Nothing is more frustrating than taking photos that you don't love. You put your hard work and precious time into creating something but not feeling like it came out right. I know, I used to do the same thing for quite some time.

The thing is, you deserve to be able to capture amazingness in your camera! Not just getting by without solid results.

If you're going to put in the hours why not see massive return in the form of beautiful photography. 

After having my first child I knew I didn't want just a grainy phone photo anymore. 

So I searched and searched until I found the perfect way to capture childhood memories that I could look back on year after year or when the kids leave the nest. May be they will cherish the photos I made of us all together around the Christmas tree or at the kitchen table during meals one day.

Beginner Photography.

It took me ages to learn photography back in 2012. There was no such thing as a guide or online course that I knew about. Youtube tutorials were a nightly routine. Google was a search engine I used a lot, but I kept at it for a long time until I figured it out.

I'm so glad I took the leap and learned beginner photography. Without it I would still be taking blurry photos and missing important memories with my kids. 

You deserve better than the mediocre photos or researching non stop every night only to be putting together pieces of a puzzle that seem confusing.

Success favors the brave. Take the leap with me into beginner photography and create beautiful memories with your camera!

xoxo Cheryl

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